About the product

At KyotoKuromameya we produce and process and manufacture mainly high-quality local Tamba black soybeans. Taking advantage of the highest quality materials from Kyo and Tamba we continue to focus on making products that are not only delicious but also delivered to customers. When you visit Nantan / Kyotamba please purchase our products.

Mori who runs a black bean farmhouse in Nantan City Hiyoshicho.
A state of farm work in a vast black bean field. We use black soybeans cultivated based on the strict cultivation guidelines of Kyoto Agricultural Cooperative.
Tamba black soybeans that have been cultivated without spare time are processed at our own factory.
Our black bean-sweet boiled stew is made with only black soybeans and sugar without using any additives such as iron sulfate. Please enjoy with confidence.
The craftsmen of the agricultural union Green Hiyoshi are carefully handmade one by one with a manufacturing method that draws out the flavor of the material.
With the motto of “Natural to your dining table” we deliver carefully processed agricultural products from Kyoto and Tamba. In addition to the black bean stewed there are a number of specialties.
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