N.S.C.Transaction Law

CompanyName Kyoto Kuromameya Co. Ltd.
OperationSupervisor Representative Director Kenta Ozawa
Location 20-1 Honoda Shimada Hiyoshi-cho Nantan-shi Kyoto 629-0301
TEL 0771-72-1244
FAX 0771-72-1246
E-Mail info@kuromamenosato.jp
BusinessHours 8:30-17:00
RegularHoliday Saturdays Sundays and holidays
Capital 3 million yen
Establishment February 2019
RequiredCharge Postage・transfer commission・cash on delivery commission

The COD fee will be free for purchases over 3000 yen.

Free shipping on orders over 10000 yen.
How to apply Phone:0771-72-1244
Order from our homepage
ExpirationDate 7 days including order date
DeliveryTime It will usually be delivered within 3 days from the date of order depending on the product.
In addition we will notify you by e-mail if you are late.
In the case of defective products product differences scratches dirt damage accidents during delivery etc. we will contact you by e-mail once within 7 days after delivery Please send it back to.

After confirming the returned product we will refund it.
In addition please note that you cannot return or exchange products that have been used for 7 days after they arrive or return or exchange products after use.
PaymentMethod Bank transfer
Cash on delivery